Saturday, September 10, 2011

New to me blog , brings the world just a little bit closer, encouraging  the mind to see just a little bit further.  From the small spot across the world to the small spot in my yard, life is good.  Below, Lynsey checks out the green peppers still growing in the back garden.

 The wonder of the worm...the absolute wonder...
 When we lived in Miami, my husband grew roses on 80 rose bushes.  The work he did and the prizes he won.  But, life has changed and here in Charlotte, the Knock-out roses grow themselves with no work at all.  At our age now, that is the way we like it...automatic roses! Totally spoiled!
 The winter garden has not yet been planted, but there is hope...lots of hope..the lettuce, broccoli, sprouts and cabbage are just awaiting!
 And then there are the peaches.  Today we took the grandchildren to the farmers' market by the airport.  In Charlotte it is the end of the peach season.  Mind you, our extra freezer in the garage is already chock full of peaches...but that didn't stop Himself..OMG, I think he got carried away again..We will be having peach milkshakes, peach crisps, peach oatmeal et al...till the next Fourth of July!

Next came  the honey.  At the farmers' market there were several people selling honey from their own hives.  Evan bought a jar of honey from someone who had brought the bees with him so we could all watch what it was all about.  This six year old was thrilled.  He said that he would rather have the honey from those bees than the popcorn he had been hoping for.  As he rode off with Granddaddy today toward home, he had between his knees, his newest treasure...the honey.

I used to think that I was so wonderful and open minded that there would certainly never be a generation gap with me...special me..But, as our outing today progressed post farmers' market to the airport to watch the planes take off and land, my six year old grandson announced that this real airport was he had never  actually seen an airport, but he knew all about them from playing a video game.

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