Sunday, September 11, 2011

Potholder art?

I think I am getting philosophical (nutty) in my old age..Potholder art?  Am I as bad as my husband and his peaches?  Making potholders is a messy business for my sewing room.  Snippets of scraps are everywhere waiting to be the chosen ones.  So maybe not art, but folk art, or just pleasing to the eye.  Because for me, if it is not "art" in my little way, then why bother?  I am past the day of lets just get it done.  I am in the day of lets do it pretty and share some joy. Contentment in a the making of it and in the sharing of it..every minute counts.  I know in my heart that my roast chicken tastes so much better when I take it out of the oven with a pretty potholder!

Mother Theresa said, "Small things with great love".  Even in a potholder (I added that part:) lol  P.S My husband just came in and wondered outloud! how was it that I was putting myself and Mother Theresa in the same blogpost...Everyday a new laugh:)

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Beth said...

I love your potholders! Especially the one you gave me- Thanks!!!