Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Quilt top process

The question is:  How can I best avoid cleaning my office for a full day of work tomorrow?  Easy...first I take a lovely nap, snoozing peacefully on my screened- in porch reading a quilt history book.  Then I pull out of the stack this quilt top that I have not worked on in about a year.  I added the yellow border with the purple squares matching.  Matching is quite an achievement for me..  This yellow border looks garish, but I remember that a quilt is not finished until it is quilted and bound.  Sometimes it is the binding that really makes the quilt.  So this border is not the final one and an inch will be taken off of it before the next border is added.  A border a year...that is not bad now!!  Stay tuned.

Now to maybe sew a butterfly on Evangelina's quilt.  I know at two weeks she is not sleeping thru the night because she does not have her quilt!!  I bear a heavy burden!

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Exuberant Color said...

I like the yellow border!! I love this quilt. Yellow is happiness, sunshine, and all good things.