Saturday, October 8, 2011

A brand new day

OMG I think I am going to be dead before my mother is....All night long I waited for the call from the hospital in a fitful sleep.  This morning when I arrived there to see my mother, she was alert and feeling good and wanting to go home.  I was so delighted.  Up and down and down and up....This cat of a mother of mine has 9 lives and I guess a few left.  After seven hours there today, I just had to leave.  The nurse just called me to report that Mom had just been picked up by hospital transport to go back home.  I cannot believe it...Thank you all for listening to my ongoing drama.


Jan said...

Good for both of you! Your mom is pretty amazing. So happy that she is better; now you can get some rest!

Teresa said...

Good to hear she got to go home. I know how stressful this all is.

Taryn said...

A good night's sleep makes most things better. I am glad you and your mom got some rest and are perkier. Embrace the good times and enjoy her.