Thursday, October 6, 2011

The gift and the gifted

The best gift of all was today from the spine surgeon...Yesterday, the big fall, the ambulance, the ER doctor, the hospitalist, the X-rays and the CAT the neurologist, the swallowing specialist, the nurses, another hospitalist, the MRI,  and finally at 6:30 pm, the spine surgeon.  My poor old mother has been lying prone without food, medication or drink on Morphine for almost 24 hours now thinking that she had broken her back.  Tonight the real gift was delivered by the angel..the spine surgeon who declared that no, she had not broken her back...recently that is...many moons ago yes, but who knew then.  For now, her pain is purely muscular.  Tonight she sat up finally and was able to swallow her meds and sip Ginger ale and eat some ice cream.  She has another chance.  TBTG

 Tonight Evangelina will finally sleep!  Her quilt has been gifted.  TBTG  Enjoy dear Evie:) And, thanks again to Melissa for the cute tutorial!
And Brianna, born just on Monday, has her bag...Enjoy Brianna!!

And, gifted to Carol and Tom for their wedding this month, from the archives:
 And for me, gifted some peace of mind!


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Exuberant Color said...

You have been really busy in the gifting department! Glad to hear your mother's problem isn't as bad as first feared.

joy said...

Little Evangelina loves her beautiful quilt. I put it in her cradle, and she definitely let me sleep for 4 straight hours last night.