Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hourglass backing done..moving on

There is nothing brilliant about this backing except that it is done.  I have had this yellow batik forever.  I think it was on sale because I bought alot of it.  Then I didn't like it because it looks like water spills all over it.  So I decided to use some of it up and to doctor it with strips...again, it is not great, but I am happy to use up and be done.

I just visited my mother.  I was so worried that I forgot that Wednesday is the day she leads her poetry group.  I got there and she was happily talking poetry with her volunteer preparing for the group.  I noticed that she didnt have the wrist call button we ordered and worse than that, she did not have the velcro seat belt ordered in discharge from the hospital by the neurologist.  Four days home and no seat belt.  Yesterday she had a Parkinson's episode and started shaking and almost fell out of the wheelchair at the computer when I was sitting right next to her.  Of course the piece of work that is my mother was trying to print out her obituary that she had written for herself 4 years ago.. Please...oh, please... Mother Dear, write your obit with no seat belt and drive your eldest daughter to her grave!!

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