Thursday, August 15, 2019

My Messy Room and My Messy Brain....Help!!!!

I cannot find my purple blocks for the challenge.
I cannot find my Denise Schmidt fabric for my Meadowland.
This is the result of my looking for the above..

The stress in my life keeps going on and on and on..
Now, it is the children's parents squabbling...jeeze.
My local support system is weak, as most folks are even more sick of listening to me, 
than I am of dealing with these things.

I am working on self-care..
The exhausting physical therapy put me back in bed again Monday..
When I got up, I took myself to the Mexican restaurant where I used to take my mother.
When she was in a wheelchair, the staff would come out to the car and lift her into the wheelchair for lunch inside...
They called her "Abeulita Preciosa"  The Precious Grandmother...
My mother was quite the charmer.
I grew up in Arizona, so Mexican food is my favorite.

I sat there for two hours by myself..breathing...eating..doing the journal thing. adding to my gratitude list, releasing ridiculous resentments...
In my heart, I know that most people do the best they can.

My daughter has arranged a two week vacation for me in Portland, her house in October.
How wonderful is that!!!!!!
I cannot wait to see my Portland friends.
Hopefully, I can relax and trust that , here in Charlotte, both the parents want the best for their will co-operate with each other.

School starts in two weeks.  I have done the school clothes thing with Lynsey.  The kid's mother is onto hair cuts and shoes for Evan..and Dylan's shoes taken care of by his father.
I have ordered the AD/HD medication for the boys, ordered the Epi-pen and school letter for it for Dylan...bees, fire ants, apples....
Thank God for Paula sending us the school supplies!!!!
The thought of Stephanie not coming back...exhausts me..
Nowadays I take several de-stressing naps per day..

pool noodle quilt basting

My girl is here now...We have eaten out.
We have fabric shopped.
We have chatted about her house.
I love my girl!!

We ordered Anna Marie Horner fabric on sale from Del Ray Fabrics.
$5 a yard.
Craft beer on sale at Eddies for $3 a bottle on Thursday nights.

Kids coming home at 10 am...manana...
On Saturday they go off camping with my girl and her man.
and....I go sewing!!

PS  Stephanie said she was coming back in a relieved!!!
Thanks for the listen.

PS...I did find this: Baby quilt top from Anna Marie Horner fabric.
And, I found the box with my Swedish flag quilt pieces....OMG


Sunday, August 11, 2019

Sewing........ Meditation My Way

Three more placemats.  Charlotte Modern Quilt Guild
has 303 now....aiming for 600 by November for holiday gifts.
Size is:  12.5" by 16.5 "   Local folks join in with us.

An adorable piece from a friend of my son.

Interesting bowl warmer post
Scroll past the needle savers..

From the blog of:
comes this wonderful reminder!!

Worth I ate some fresh spinach sauteed in butter like Grandma  used to make.

Yesterday was a very tough day with the personalities in my family.
Of course, it was I...who thought that God needed an assistant.
My son said, God didn't and if he did...he would not choose me!!
I was beside myself...then I remembered dear Mr.O'Quilts...saying to me..
"Just go Sew!!!"  So I did...hummmmm

I finished these two small quilts
Cat backing below for this red and white checked baby quilt.
Did I mention how much I love fabric????
How about this:  from Fabric Depot...RIP
the " I love you fabric" !!
Plaid fabric below for the Christmas quilt.

Relaxation in the daytime:  Snipping

Picking the backings for my potholders...very fun.....All pinned  for sewing at
my sit and sew on Saturday.  I still have more to do...

From Carol:  A finger light for aged eyes.
Relaxation in the evening!!!!
Just so you know, life is not all fresh spinach!!

Thursday, August 8, 2019

The Epiphany That We Protest.

Above, Carol's purple quilt challenge piece.
Above, Jean's purple quilt challenge piece.
Above Sherry's purple challenge piece.
All are motivating me to find in my mess...Mrs. O'Quilt's purple challenge..

The old fashioned Muggs wrapped in my Civil War quilt.
I think she identifies with that era...
Sherry's new finished quilt.
MP took some fat quarters to make adorable cloth napkins for her mountain house.
Kathylynn gifted with vintage fabric from my sister's stash.
Carol..newly returned from a California stay...and quilt show...
with new fabric...yum

Wednesday night at our quilting group, I gave away 10 pieces of fabric.
When I did not feel teary...I knew I was on the right track.
De-stashing a tiny bitsy baby bit!!
And now:

Tonight, Lynsey and I went back to school shopping.
Ten and a half...Oh, my...a new shopping experience.
I gave her the budget....She picked out millions...
She whittled it down with the calculator.
Home we came, one more accomplishment.

And, I could walk!!!!!

Every day is just a lovely day to celebrate being alive.

A meeting tonight was a huge help for my brand new, old stressor.
Thank God for folks who understand.
Thank God for folks who stand by me.

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

The Good News Day

Small Christmas top
The good news day is:
My echo results came back...I have a perfect heart!!
My blood results show a perfect score.
Whew...guess I will live another day!!

Must be all the water and veggies I eat...Oh, no...
It is the Diet Coke and cookies??
Who knows...but I am grateful!!

Now I am not saying I will always be like this..
Life as we know it changes in a second...

Today, at the bagel shop, I was able to carry my sandwich and drink
to my table for the first time in years...
I did not need help..Whew...

For six years, my life has been out of control...
Evidently I have started making some steps in the direction of self-care..
The other day, I decided to order some tops.
On Nordstrom's Rack, online sale...I ordered Five...
They all

I am reminding self not to quit physical therapy.
I do not like it...but they are sooo good to me.
I like them, and now I like me...

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

The Million Dollar Stash

The Big "Thank you"!!!
My ortho surgeon is retiring.  He is brilliant.
He is a risk taker 
 He has saved me...
Without him, I would be now sitting in a wheelchair crying in pain.
Because he took a risk to do 3 surgeries in one year...and the 4th two months ago.
Hope he gets a kick out of his new retirement potholders.
With my awesome stash, I am able to personalize my potholders.
I finished these tonight
I just love them.

My car thimble...not to be outdone by the Dassenko quilter!!!

Nightly reading is on to the next book...Reddy Fox

A great day today...a sleep in...
A three hour lunch with a friend....and...
my heart Echo test....results in one week.
Tomorrow...another good day, as my son plans to take the two littles to work
with their I-pads.

I am trying to keep my feet firmly planted in today....yet
the idea of Christmas coming soon...and the presents for the school and the J are not yet done.
Trying to keep self focused.
My daughter comes to visit in one week..
I do not plan to share her...OK...just a bit.
She is taking the children camping on the weekend.
No problem as I have a Sit and Sew then.
Tonight I am going to try to find one piece of fabric to give away on Wednesday night
I shiver with fear...I love my 50 year stash sooo much.

Sunday, August 4, 2019

The Stuff Life is Made Of.....

Potholder process:
Thanks to E.A. who gave away orphan  blocks and random scraps
at the last MQG.. Sit and Sew...I have put together the tops of 10 potholders.
Thank you!!!
Sherry's purple quilt.
We all made purple blocks for an exchange
We all argued about what really defined the color purple
We all hated this project.
We drew from a bag.
Some are finished and some are not!!!
My dearest Paula of my ALS online support group
sent all the school supplies for my grands for the upcoming school year..
Lynsey is delighted.
I am delighted!!!
A big thanks to Paula.

There is truly something wrong with me...with my focus and my brain.
Jean brought us all the template and the instructions for these..
I had bought several packages of the Zap and something batting.
(Zap and Wrap?)
They can go into the microwave without fire.
I cannot now find it...The story of my life...
I am so frustrated.  Going outside to start a new book..ugh
Soup Bowl Cozies

Found it..finally..the batting in a random bag in:....
 my son's room,
 my former second quilting room
, the room my husband died in,
 the room that was my business office before ALS forced me to retire..
.Yup...that room.

At least I found it...because my focus is way off.

I think you all will agree that chocolate ice cream in 7 up.
is clearly a cure-all for this problem of mine.
That was last night.
Tonight is is wine and playing with scraps.
Other people's scraps are always better than one's own.
Tomorrow physical therapy again...
I will NOT give up xox

P.S.  Here is a picture of Granddaddy's chair.
Fake leather all rotted and pealed.
It is stuffed in the room...yup...that very same room as above.
I want it out for the garbage pick up.
OMG  All three children...cry...No No No
That is Granddaddy's chair..
Too much to handle tonight.

Friday, August 2, 2019

The O'Quilts Family Hums Along

With the excitement of finishing the Halloween top, I moved Christmas:
Playing with scraps, I started this:
Opening my two boxes of beautiful Christmas fabric...I was amazed.
My heart beats faster when loving fabric.
Here: auditioning a border.

Ava before her surgery.
New sister...Baby Ava has a shunt for her Hydrocephalus., now- a- days it is called catheter.
She had brain surgery at a few weeks old. Now she is 18 months.
Wednesday night, she had another emergency surgery.

They replaced the catheter, which was not inserted far enough in since she had grown...and they cleaned out a clogged valve.  She  now has a 2 inch suture in her scalp.
It was traumatic for everyone...but she came out of it...and is fine.
Her exhausted mommy cannot bring her in public for 10 days.
I sent 14 year old Evan to help them...a for all.
Ava, the next day, after her surgery...on the way home.
Gratitude abounds with our family...We love Ava so much.

 Grandma O'Quilts blood work came back perfect!  Wonderful news.
Tuesday I have my heart echo test.
PT this morning was good...they have scaled back their demands of this old lady!!
I told her sadly that I can no longer roller skate...
She said...then I will take it off your treatment plan!!!
Then off to a lunch with 10 widow friends..YES!!
A little nap and finishing my book on my screened in porch listening to the rain.
Very relaxing..

Tonight the children are folding laundry with me and learning how to wash clothes.
While I am checking my email, Dylan is scrambling  eggs and making jello and Lynsey made cookies from a cake mix.  She went on the Duncan Hines/ Pinterest website to find the recipe.
Lynsey's favorite U-tube channel is Bake-It

Honestly at 9 and 10, I am amazed.

They now are staying up a bit later to honor all their good work.
Camp is over...and everyone wants to chill before school starts.

Things are overwhelming without Stephanie.  She is still recovering from her heart attack. 
We miss her sooo much.

I do not feel like sewing tonight..just starting a new book..or patting fabric.
Signing off Lynsey's cookies are divine and I want my share!!!!

Monday, July 29, 2019

Getting Scary in July

Thrilled have this Halloween top finished.
This is the back fabric.
On the design wall: handy cordless Panasonic
Beautiful, fine batik spider web
Including the spiders
The choices are endless. Having such a good time admiring my fabric.
I have been saving Halloween fabric for years....
Fabric choices may be endless, but I am not.
Time to sew with it.
Zoe is 12...guess I am not the only old one in this house.
Look at all her white fur now...We love our Zoe.

My doctor said I need a vacation....I agree!!

My physical therapist frets that I should not be so tired after my work out
 I should  not have to nap all day, exhausted.
So back off to my PCP I went today.
During my blood work, I met a new friend who is now in social work school.
Got her chatting so I would  not feel the needle.
Next week I have to have a heart be sure the operations and stresses of my
life are not doing me in.

I am relieved to have all that in place.
My poor body does not know what hit it at PT with bar bells,
bicycle, arm bike, stretches...OMG
I am now 8 weeks out from knee replacement surgery. My knee is perfect.
The rest of me, not so much.

Funny, how when it comes to finishing off a Halloween flimsy..
I have tons of energy!!
My heart beats just fine.