Monday, February 11, 2019

My Happy Gifts

A gift that stole my heart.
Anna Marie Horner--- thirds,  in flannel.
Thank you so much my friend.
A wonderful Sit-and-Sew today with Ellen and Karen.
Ellen showed us a quilt she had juried and sold after a North Carolina hurricane.
Hurricane Watch ,  by Ellen Guerrant..
I am surrounded by artists.

Our MQG quilt for Quilt Con

Last week, I made new friends.  I was leaving a lovely lunch out, when
I caught sight of a handsome man with an awesome smile.  He was about 40.
He had a cane, I had a cane.
 He was smiling at his mother.
His face was just full of spirit. I walked closer to the spirit.
 His body was all twisted.
He struggled walking and with balance.  At first I thought....CP
When I got closer, we talked.  His story:

He had had his own business, lots of friends, a house on the beach and a wife.
 A brain hemorrhage left him very disabled.
So disabled, body distorted, that..
He had not ever want to leave his house again, but his mother insisted
that he would go out to lunch with her every day and use his smile.

His wife left him, he lost his business and all his friends went away.  
People tend to run fast away from disabilities and disease and grief.
They have their own lives. People can only take so much.

I felt so blessed to have met this man and his smile
I cannot get him out of my mind...playing a poor hand so well.
If I had not just eaten, I would have joined the family for lunch too.
New friends, old friends...all so great.

Please help me figure out the new Bloglovin/Google rules. is so beyond me.

Friday, February 8, 2019

The Absolute Joy....

Tonight is the father/daughter dance in 4th grade.
Lynsey's mother came to curl her hair.
Her daddy puts the little rose corsage on her wrist.
 Daddy and daughter. with mother involved....just how its supposed to be.
A Miracle.

My zipper obsession from Zippit on Etsy
I needed some longer ones for bigger pouches.

Kaffe favorites
Dylan cleans the whole kitchen himself without his brother.
Big brother had refused and was in trouble...
Dylan did not want his brother in  he got to work.  .He did a great job!!

Links to love:
Quilt artist, Sherri Lynn Wood buys a new house.

North Carolina Textile Industry
Fabric Science Back to the Basics

Then......and always:
Understanding ALS from the heart

Looking forward to a weekend of peace and reading and sewing

Monday, February 4, 2019

With a Roar of an Engine...She is off...

Slept in....Lynsey.too.....She was still a bit sick.
Went to my senior water exercise...Lynsey took her I-pad.
She helped me carry my bags and put my water shoes on..
There is nothing like the water to deceive a person into being 21 again.
Until it is time to get out!!

Evan cooked dinner...scrambled eggs for his siblings.
He also cleaned up after!!

The neighbor brought cake.

When all are in bed.......
The creative work begins.
 Dylan's jeans that he absolutely refuses to ever be thrown away..we will see.
Mended by Grandma
The extent of my String Thing Along.
Probably will be potholders.

 At least I am sewing
The 16 patch squares that Grandma O'Quilts forgot were 3 inch square
At a Sit and Sew, I got to talking and cut them 3.5
The result is going to be a rectangle baby quilt
.Stay tuned.
Lynsey continues....
I have not seen this side of the table for several years...
 She is throwing my scraps into the scrap bin willy nilly...
without admiring them and caressing them..and loving them...etc.
How could she???
Maybe she is right???
She says that when she finishes here...we (she) will start with my bedroom
I always feel better when I sew.
Especially with my grandgirl around.
She will be 10 in 12 days....amazing.

Sunday, February 3, 2019

The Love that Keeps Grandma Still Standing

Amaryllis, a gift from my son.

My Boo....all toasty and nice in my bed on my blanket from Guatemala.

My girl and her man and her out in Portland

My girl plays the tin whistle in Irish bands ..She is amazing

My son and two grandsons..are
Repairing the old deck in the back of our house...The 8 year old is thrilled to be included.
The 13 year old said he did not sign up to fix decks...ha!
That got him into the back yard even faster...
Totally forgetting her new year's resolution of minding her own business,
.Grandma decided to go outside to supervise
Back to my sewing room..ha
.It takes a lot of energy to my my own business.

Dear Mr. OQuilts made that back deck about 10 years ago.
My son says it cannot be saved, wood rotted and mildewed..
He is trying to patch my memories.

From freezing weather to Carolina Blue..
.Today, I was able to read in the backyard.
Daffodils already in bloom
Lynsey came into my sewing room today.
My joints were all in pain.
Putting her hand on her hip, she announced that most people
do not have such messy she was going to help me.
She proceeded to move everything. announcing that things must be
swept first....hmmm OK...
Then she organized.  I sat there dumbfounded.
Lynsey is 9. She has an organizational skill- set that I could not dream of  having.

I was at a 504 plan meeting at the middle school Friday.
They kept saying that Evan does not have organizational skills.
I said, he has AD/HD and you cannot teach those can only modify his behavior, Organizational skills are part of who you are , like music...Sigh..I have neither.
Thank you, are a dream.
I was so tired watching her, that I said we would take a break Lynsey said..
NO!!!.Grandma...You snooze, you lose...OMG!!!!

I just read a great book, Tallgrass, by Sandra Dallas
It reminded me of life today...and the fear that changes good folks.
It also showed the kindness of the human spirit.  I could not put it down.

Today, all my energy  has been stolen by two AD/HD boys and their verbal impulsivity
Read that:  snotty mouths...I just cannot believe how they talk to me..
 I have put them all to bed.

I so need a vacation....but...
A nice phone chat with women friends is lovely.
 A great email or text is met with joy.
 Wonderful blogging friends with comments and emails lift my spirits.
Generous gifts of time and kindness keep me going.
Nothing like women who stick together,holding each others hands thru the storms...

Never Give Up

Saturday, January 26, 2019

The Grateful Woman

Tonight..the backing for my star quilt has been finished.
Thanks to my son for ironing the fabric.
Thanks to Sherry for the measuring lesson!
Folded and ready for mailing.
The quilt is too cumbersome for me to quilt.
 I see that the backing fabric is a second with some fading.
A Foust deal, I think.
That is OK with me..I think it is busy enough not to matter.
Did you notice that my cat Boo..has stamped his signature here??
The binding is on on my sweatshirt...I cut off the neckline and the cuffs.
One of the reasons I do not go to the pool is that with my arthritis, it
is painful to dress when wet...
If I just pull on one needs to know, what I do not put on.
 At Wednesday night quilting, we had a scavenger hunt.
For my 30's fabric that I lost.
Drenna won...she found it here..who would have known!!

On minding my own business
A 2019 far...but hold tight..there are 11 more months in the year
(or so I amuse myself, by noting)
Even though I have learned thru fire, what not to say to folks in grief,
my impulsive self still makes mistakes.
One thing I know, I will never tell anyone to "be grateful, or be positive."
People do that when they are strong enough..
People mean well.  It is, however, easier to cross onto someone else's sidewalk
than it is to clean our own.

I have had three great productive days....unbelievable.
Naturally, with my ego, I assumed that the rest of my life would continue thus !!!!
Today, I pulled a muscle in my back keeping me in bed until 4 pm.

I did not (well a little) say, poor me...a wasted, nothing accomplished day.
Instead, I said...isn't it great that I have a warm toasty house with lovely flannel sheets.
Two cozy asleep on my pillow and one asleep against my curled legs
meds for my back..
The house is empty, full of peace.

Why could I feel this gratitude today.??
Because I was able., that is all...I was just able.

On self-care
Now-a-days, I celebrate the good.
When I eat brussels sprouts, I now say...good girl, you ate a veggie, not a cookie.
I no longer say, you fool, you should have been eating sprouts for the past 70 years
The pool..if I go, .I say...good, old went to the pool today.
Not,....... Diane, .....Who are you have not been there since November.

My son is gone for the weekend.
He just came in for 30 minutes to check on me.
He cleaned the kitchen.
He transferred the laundry.
He gave me a hug..and he was gone.
I am the luckiest woman in the world.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

The Presents of Mind

Mama said that in clear your mind...give to others...
I made these presents in the last few days.
She was right...It brought me joy.
 Crumb quilting..from saved bits of my man's shirts...presents
for my son's 34th birthday yesterday.
Mug rugs for his tea and cookies
Tonight, Evan made his father the cake and frosted it.
The children wrote notes about all the things they love about their daddy.
        It was all so perfect.
 Pencil pouches for Lynsey's two teachers.
That class is always complaining about no pencils.
My girl says that when the teacher steps out of the room, the boys break them.
I had ordered a box of 150 sharpened pencils before Christmas.
Just waiting for the energy to make these pencil cases.
 At one time, the Etsy shop, Oilcloth Addict, offered a bag of scraps for
a  reasonable price..That shop is closed for now.
It is quite fun to zigzag the pieces together to make a scrap pouch.
 Since the front has a piece of clear vinyl, I doubled the back in order
for some pretty to show through.

The girl took these into her teachers today..They were met with
delight...I was glad, Lynsey was glad, the teachers were glad. .a great success.

The fabric for the mustard star backing is the dark purple with the dots.
By far, the most votes and I have enough of it.
I am pleased as I wanted something more subdued to counter the vibrant front.
Tomorrow, the goal is to iron and ready the backing for quilting..

The library.:...
Our library advertises that they are friendly and kind.
Since I am now all modern- like...converted to online ordering of my books,
I was hoping for individual glory....but, oh, no...not such a friend is this library

In my initial excitement of my newfound skill...I ordered 20 books.
No note from the brave I was...nor how slow it was going to be.
No nice note about my exuberance...and how forward thinking I am, since two of the books I requested are not even to be published until March 2019!!!.

The library is testing the patience of this old lady.  I order....I want...
Not so fast...It seems indeed, that I am not the only customer of our library!!

The children are going to their mother's house for the weekend
I hope to be productive in the quilting room
Excited me will be joining my group at a Sit-and-Sew Monday.
Tuesday night our Modern Quilting group
Wednesday night our IQ group..
"Just go sew" is always the answer..

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Help Needed...foggy mind...

Picking a backing depends on enough fabric at hand.

 Help needed...I have enough of all of the above.
I do not have enough of the white or light pink , but could piece it.
Let me know what you all think.
I am exhausted.
Teacher meeting in the freezing day.
Poor AD/HD 8 year old Dylan wiggles his way through 3rd grade.
Glad he has the "voted mayor" thing under his belt.
And the Muldoon charm...big brown eyes.

I am on a ski slope.
Sometimes I fall and hurt myself
Sometimes I soar gleefully into the air with grace.
Tonight I deal with it with red wine, sausage and mac and cheese.
Because, as you know, if there is a is not me!!

Charlotte Modern Quilt Guild Holiday dinner. 2018
Marvelous friends. Just marvelous

Monday, January 21, 2019

My Rising Stars

The border is finally on my mustard star..whew..
The joints and strength in my arms no longer let me reach this high.
Wow...guess I will need help with the great big
backing on Wednesday night.
 Nine month old baby Ava brings the softness right out of her 13 year old brother..
Baby sister is thriving.
Dylan and his 3rd grade bestie on the play date.

Wahoo...finally a friend here...who  understands..xo
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Sunday, January 20, 2019

Cold Outside, Warm Inside

Near the cold cotton fields of Missouri sits my purple log cabin
beneath Margaret's be gifted to someone who needs
a purpley quilty hug
How wonderful is that?!
February birthdays are soon here...L will be 10 and D will be 9
All the money in the world does not make a doll bed like
the love from a daddy.
Lynsey is going to go to Walmart to chose the color spray paint.
Then, my GD and I are going to make the bedding
Today, nervous me promoted a play date for both Dylan and Lynsey
Lynsey conned her daddy into helping them make slime..
Slime is so out of my comfort zone.
Meantime, Dylan is refitting his friend with play shoes for the muddy
Carolina woods...Friend came in his church clothes...
Stay tuned..
Did I mention that grandma here feels old.???
A new me...Starushka
Everyone used the tree  house.
The girls are making brownies...the boys are at the creek...all of a sudden,
Grandma feels young again...everyone is having so much fun.
Evan was invited to hang out with his friends...Oh, my
Fourth graders, third graders and eighth graders...
Cozy me is once again, reading my favorite author...Anne Lamott
 Snuggly by the fake fire, nodding off
                                                     Enjoying the luxury of being myself.

Thank you Michele for posting about the passing on of Mary Oliver
With Heart and Hands

So it goes for a lovely Sunday afternoon.