Saturday, May 1, 2010

Antique pineapple blocks

A few months back I was cruising an antique show in Concord, N.C. with my daughter. We were looking for buttons and odds and ends when I saw some bags of old quilt blocks with no price on them. I asked the man why there was no price and he said because he didn't know how much to charge....hmmmm music to my ears that was!! Of the random bits he had, I spotted these. There are 8 pineapple blocks about 100 years old. I think that they are cut out of an old quilt. The eight I have here are in good condition. He first asked me if they were feedsacks and to offer him what I thought that they were worth. I told him that I could offer him $10 and that they were not feedsacks. He hollered to his wife that I was trying to rob him blind. So then I offered him $11.. It was in great fun and in the end I paid $15 for the lot telling him that it was only his charm that let me pay so much for so little. I am delighted with them and am pondering their use...ha ha...a bargain for my collection and I am looking for their purpose.

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