Sunday, May 2, 2010

Red Scrap Bear's Paw Variation

Making this quilt was so much fun. My friend, Norie decided to do a scrap triangle workshop in her home back in October of 1995. She adapted the instructions from a scrap challenge by Sharyn Craig in Traditional Quiltworks, Issue 30, February 1994. We were instructed to bring 100 triangles, 50 dark and 50 light. People spent alot of time searching for just the right fabric only to find out that when we got there, we put all our triangles together in a big bag, one for darks and one for lights. The bag was passed around the room and we each randomly chose a new set of 50 dark and light triangles. The challenge was to make large and small triangles into a quilt using all the triangles, ugly or not. This is the quilt I made. I hand quilted it and named it Celebration because it was finally finished. The judges in the show said that I didnt quilt enough on it....OMG...They were probably right in retrospect, but I was so done at the time. We have enjoyed using this quilt on our bed.


beth said...

I love this scrappy quilt!! I'm just finishing a real scrappy one now and am attracted to this style! YOur quilt is wonderful!

Tonya Ricucci said...

beautiful quilt! I love that method for getting folks scrappier!