Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Travel Potluck Bowl Cover

I had an hour or two between clients today and decided to try out the tutorial below. TBTG I work out of my home. With luck, my office just happens to be right next door to my quilting room. I have never worked with Rip-Stop Nylon before (the lining fabric), but it was a piece of cake. After it was all together and turned right side out, I decided it really needed a little applique. I found these leaves left over from Lynsey's baby quilt and a stray holiday yo-yo in a drawer...Voila with a tiny button. I am delighted with this easy and fun project and thank Allyson for the tutorial. (I just checked it all out and it fits all 5 of my large bowls.....!!) Yeah!

More news I am adding now. Since this fits all of my large bowls, even the square one...I have decided to make more..... So tonight I made a pattern on freezer paper so I will not have to draw the three inches any more. And tomorrow, after my water exercise, I will go to Hancock's and get more of the Rip-Stop in different colors....so I can go nuts with this easy and fun pattern for presents!! This kind of sewing is so very relaxing!!

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