Thursday, September 30, 2010

Brown Star process

The beauty of a good scrap quilt is that the eye keeps moving around the quilt always finding something new to look at. That is why it takes more work than a quilt made with a pattern or with just a few colors. It is also a challenge to work with a stash only, even with a large stash like mine. I have very little dark brown left and wanted an inner border with dark brown. I settled for dark maroon which has the same value and it not only works fine, but adds more interest. I wanted to add in green and also to start making the quilt rectangular instead of square. The greens that I liked were too green, but the one I added here has black with it and works. It is put only at the top and bottom to make it larger at that end. The eye travels around to the wonky blocks in the corners and the clips at the end of the blocks in the center. I am still auditioning the next border..quilt top is on its way, but the road is still rocky....I thought you might like to see the process.

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Beth said...

This looks great, Diane! I love it. Thanks for sharing your audition process.