Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sherry and Joe's picnic quilt

My daughter Emily moved to England two days ago with her boyfriend, Brian. I want to whine...but, my mother ruined that one. So what is a bereft quilting mother to do????? Quilt is the right answer...yup!! Quilting is the answer.....So I took a pinned quilt from my WIP stack and got going... In just a few hours, I have now finished this quilt ....a "picnic" quilt.

The back is here:

To make it go quickly, I used the "wiggle" stitch. The Bernina has a nicer round "wiggle", but I think that my Janome does fine. It is the basting zigzag stitch. On my Janome, I have it set to 3.5 width and 3.2 is number 09......and I wiggle away.
Emily did a picnic quilt here:

And, Ruth did a picnic quilt here:

The quilt is all done and I feel so much better!!!! Happy 25th anniversary to Sherry and Joe!!

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randi said...

what a lovely quilt!