Saturday, September 18, 2010

Memorie quilts and t-shirts

I love to keep everything or use it up or give it away to a wonderful, caring, appreciative home. ( Maybe I am a hoarder??..hope not!) But now I am older and I have my grandmother's things and my mother's things and my children's things and my own things...I just have to simplify and use it up. And so the subject of T-shirts comes up. Here, from the archives of this blog is the quilt I made my daughter from her Irish dance t-shirts collected from all the competitions around the US and in Ireland. I see that it looks a bit scruffy since I made it before my machine quilting improved...but she loves it. And here, from the archives is one of the quilts I made from my father's shirts after he died. My parents lived 40 some years in Phoenix, lucky for this quilter that his shirts were all 100% cotton. Some people do not have family who lived in Arizona...actually many people do how do they use up blended shirts or T-shirts in a meaninful way??
That brings me to the post I saw this morning from Karmen at She used t-shirts to crochet into a rug. This has many possibilities...memories...decluttering...using up...yup...good job Karmen!

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A Quilter Awakens said...

I am just now seeing this post. Thanks for putting a link to my t-shirt rug post on your blog (way back in 2010). I read you regularly now, but somehow I missed this then.