Sunday, September 26, 2010

Process...and more process..or lack of process

Sitting on the design wall forever and forever...I decided today to avoid one and work on the other. So I finished these measuring...done the Gwen Marston way...flying by the seat of my pants...And why did I do this today??? Because I have been avoiding this!!..My husband said that it is very dark and unattractive (ugly) and why has it been on my design wall for three months or so??? Because it requires thinking and I have been lazy. As often happens...just happens, I do something else very efficiently to avoid something harder...thus the grandchildrens's bags and potholders, cuddle quilts, etc..So now with the stars done, I will have to work on this...I have been thinking....
Also got great inspiration from this really beautiful blog and this post there Be sure to watch the idea of a perfect quilt show. Thank you Una for sharing that post.

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