Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thread Catchers

I am so used to thread catchers by now, that I hate to be without them.  This large one is always on my cutting board.  I have filled them with sand from Walmart's craft department and added a bit of batting on top.

Because the table of my Janome 6600 is so slim, I made this one from the fabric Ruth brought back for me from Japan.  I made it to fit onto the table.  I took two kinds of Velcro. I sewed the top "sewing kind" onto the pincushion.  Then I stuck the "sticking kind" to the table.  Now it is both removable and secure.

Now I have purchased the awesome Sew Ezi table  for my Bernina 1230 for quilting trips.  That table also has a very slim edge, so again I made a small thread catcher for that.
This is shown on a bookcase as I didn't want to take out the Sew Ezi  table.  I have hand stitched the velcro already on the pincushion and when I go to the retreat and take out my table, I will stick the other part of the other velcro on the table.  Love the antique button too:)
I just thought that I would throw in my new ironing board cover. Took just 5 or 10 min to wrap this IKEA fabric from the children's department around my ironing board.  I wrapped it over my existing covers and pinned it in place.  There must be 7 or 8 other covers underneath.  I never bother to remove them so my ironing board is very well padded.

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