Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Disappearing Nine Patch

I have been loving the disappearing nine patch for quite awhile  you can see here:
Thanks to Jo at.. this pattern can be used to make a very easy one patch with a one patch lattice.  Soooo much fun.  Well, since I really enjoyed making the one above for Camille, I thought I would do a Christmas quilt in the same pattern.  I did the stash busting thing and bought absolutely nothing for this quilt..Had such a great much so that I did this lap quilt and with the extra blocks did the baby quilt below and with the last block made a trivet!!  I think I will do a Halloween one next...Oh, dear...out of season, but what the heck:)  Once again, Merry Christmas!! It is snowing on Christmas for the first time since 1947...the year I was born.  I have not even snipped the threads yet because I wanted to post these for Christmas.

I see that Amy here, has made a similar quilt:  
The more quilts the merrier, all bringing Christmas joy!

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