Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas cookies

Grandma left me with a legacy of  Christmas love.  She taught me how to make Swedish sugar cookies.  Since they had lighted candles on their trees when she grew up in Sweden, she put the candles on the cookie trees as well.  These became our traditional Christmas cookies.  Grandma is long gone, but she lives on in many ways. 

I do not think that Grandma knew about Tupperware rolling pins and rolling surfaces.  I also think she might have missed the Parchment paper thing.  But, she taught me how to make cornicopias out of typing paper.  Fold the paper in half, swirl it around in the shape of a funnel and put the frosting made of confectioners sugar inside.  She also said that flouring the surface made the cookies tough, so I should put confectioners sugar on the surface instead.  They came out perfectly today!!

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