Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Not quilting news

This morning I went to the oral surgeon for a "consultation". In 30 minutes, I was missing tooth number 5.  WOW....all that worry and fret....The difference was in the beautiful young girl who emerged before I went in.  She came out with a smile and missing her 4 wisdom teeth.  If she could do it at 17 with four teeth, then...hello...this 63 year old could do it with one tooth...maybe???  With a lot of encouragement from the awesome surgeon and his wonderful helper, I did it...although I really wanted that young girl to hold my hand.  And, then to top it all, they made me PAY for it.  Now, me and my friend, Hydrocodone are waiting for the tooth fairy!!  So brave I am.  Thank you for listening my friends.

PS...in even better news, yesterday my mother had a chest x-ray....Both lungs are completely clear of pneumonia...My cup runneth over!

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