Friday, August 12, 2011

Shot cottons and shot wife

Letter to my Dearest Husband...reminding you of how 32 years ago...for better or for worse!  I know we are on an O'budget, but if you could have heard my heart beat today at the warehouse sale when I saw Kaffe's shot cottons for $3.92 a yard.  Of course you know I never ever pay full price, so when they said that in order to get that price, I had to buy the bolt, I knew you would understand.  Then too I know how health conscious you I got them in eggplant, lime, blueberry, tomato and chocolate (that one is for you, I mean  Is it helpful that most of my friends spent more money than I did?

 As you can see, the lime favorite I am sharing already.
 I know we need bread, etc..but as you can see the essentials are here and you always said that Diane's kitchen was your favorite restaurant.  Wait till you see how many yummy meals I can make from one carton of eggs:)
 A toast to the good life!!  I know that you do not drink, so I will have one for you too!
I am sooo excited, I just cannot calm down.
xxoo  I love you Honey...


sewprimitive karen said...

How funny! The shot cottons are so beautiful, they are just to die for. Who had them at that price? You did well!

MariQuilts said...

At that did what you had to do. I would love to get shot cottons at that price, whole bolt or not.