Saturday, November 19, 2011

Focused on the holidays:)

Ok...second present done!  IKEA sent us coupons in the mail for free $25.  Yesterday we went to IKEA to redeem them.  My sister had to work so I picked up this fabric for her.  It won a 2011 design award for IKEA and my sister did NOT like it...ooooo...but I love it..I love funky.  I just finished making this bag for the Santa exchange at the Guild.  You know the one where you get one present and then the others at the table can take it from you.  I think it is perfect for that and I am glad it is done.  It only took about an hour and a half.  Second present down.  In the background you can see the last of the color in our yard.  One rain storm and one day made the difference between autumn and winter.  Hello winter in Charlotte.

 Look at the surprise that my daughter and husband cooked up for me on the computer yesterday.  It is art canvas from Polaroid that she got in the $1 (Euro) store in Galway before she came home.  I soaked it in water all night long and ironed it good and now I have labels....lucky me!!

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