Monday, February 11, 2013

The Misc Day....

It is a wet day in Charlotte...Off I was this am to my new bee....The Queen Bee....Charlotte is known as the Queen City after Queen Charlotte, etc, etc, blah blah.. Although I see in Wikipedia that several places are also known as Queen City...Cincinnati, a place in Vermont, etc....Oh, well... It was so much fun to be in a bee where folks are so loving the quilting.  
Sorting thru my mess again, I came upon these trees...I know it is the wrong holiday..but I  put them on the design wall anyway...I see I am short a few trees, probably short other things too:) ha.
 So I tried a different way.  They still look I am putting them with the Christmas fabric because even I know it is Valentine's Day:).
 I made a little coin purse to give to the swimming friend who gave me her buttons.  She had a Hermes Paris ribbon in her things as well as this little boot pin, so I added them to her coin purse for a thank u gift tomorrow.
 Then a visit to my dear ol Ma who once again told me that I never call or visit...I was better about it this time.   At my Jean Wells workshop yesterday, she was talking about de-stashing...something that is very painful to me.  However, I decided to get together a few bits to donate to Northwest School of the Arts where my children went to high school.  They have a costume design class and may could use some things..
I am  trying to de-stash in a baby sort of way, I found this cut out top from my grandmother...prob 1960.  As I recollect, 1960 is 53 years ago... I am cutting it up right now for my zigzag quilt...ouch!

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Barb said...

cute coin purse! love the fabric.
the string trees are great too even if its VD. lol.