Saturday, January 24, 2015

Cranky Mama Bear has an outing

Here we Sit and Sew...laughing and having fun!!
 (well actually,without the S girls, not so much)
Eating and gossiping and sewing away...
Happy Birthday present to you...a charm pack of Irish fabric specially cut by me for you!!
So why am I a crabby lady, you ask???  I think it is adrenaline withdrawal...
Being so high to handle the crises of the past few days, coming back from the station with no trains of any sort in sight.  
Sometimes we crash even when the news is good!!!
You see, I was not willing to take the Hospice nurses at their word and I called the ALS nursing supervisor.  She is the one who said it was CO2 poisoning and that he needed the Trilogy machine. 
 The others said it was disease process and end of life...etc.etc...
No wonder I am having mood swings...Jeeze Louize..
Well, since Himself decided to wear the Trilogy 3 hours a day, his cheeks are back rosy, his voice has improved and he is watching sports again instead of hallucinating and sleeping. 
 I am so grateful
However, my Mama Bear energy has been drained leaving me crabby, in spite of the good stuff.
Brain dead me went to the pool the other day and came home wearing someone else's blue jeans...
Can you imagine...I put my hands in the pockets, only to realize that my jeans had no pockets. 
 Then it came to me that the other ladies were going out to lunch after the swim and one of them would have no pants to wear...OMG
Today after my sit and sew, I could not find my directions to a project..crab, I tried to start two new projects...what a mess.  This one for a single lady who just adopted a hard to place premature infant.  Since I am all about adoption, I just have to make them a baby quilt.
Then I decided that maybe I did not like that and should use these cute animals instead...
Change again...I did some quilting on this scrap quilt.
We all know that this time of night should mean bed..
Now going to put on Mr.O'Quilt's mask, give a kiss and go to bed. xxoo
Grrrr,  Can you hear the annoying grumble from crabby Mama Bear???????


smazoochie said...

I'm so realized the train did not arrive! And perfectly understandable that you might be out of joint & taking other people's clothes. Even though there was no train, you, my dear, have been on a roller coaster.
Sew whatever makes you happy. And give yourself a break!

http://thankfullga447 said...

I am glad you went for a swim, funny
(we have to have some humor in life) about the jeans.

ES said...

ups and downs, good job you sought the second opinion. love and hugs. x