Saturday, February 7, 2015

I grew up mostly in Phoenix, Arizona

From London town comes....Cousin Ann's flimsy...

 Cousin Ann's recent stash building:)
You  know I was raised in Phoenix, Arizona.
 So the word Phoenix is in my life anyway.
Who would know that it would play out just so many times in my world.

The Phoenix was very involved in my mother's life...She lived there some 40years....and..
She rose from the Phoenix many times...
And, now my love is doing the same thing.
The latest crisis was due to too much Ativan and Morphine..OMG, who would have known!!.
Mr.O'Quilts can no longer when we would ask if he was anxious and wanted Ativan,
he would shake his head, yes. Asking if he was struggling breathing and he would shake his head, yes.

Finally, we realized that he was asking every 4 hours, so when he completely lost speech, we scheduled it every four hours...and he slept and he slept constantly.
Though  he has stabilized down at a lower level, he is more alert, he is using his Trilogy and we are communicating with him using an alphabet board.

My daughter and I have been around the bend.
 We hired Stephanie to spend last night...$150 well worth a million he needed help all night.
 I slept 12 hours, went out to lunch with my girl and her man, and sewed some.
The kids are with their cousins this weekend.
Talk about respite...wonderful.
The family is still here so we are well supported.


smazoochie said...

Any bird will do, but one that rises from its ashes is best of all.

ES said...

you cannot put a price on a good nights sleep! x

Rachaeldaisy said...

12 hours sleep sounds like just what you need. Wishing you lots of Phoenix magic.

Alcea Rosea 31 said...

I am so pleased you recharged your batteries. We used to love going to stay with are cousins, when we children, so much fun. All you need now is a calm, no emergencies day.