Thursday, February 5, 2015

Life on its own terms....

Ciara's favorite cat...the cat quilt made by her mommy and grandma.!!  
Here we are having a sleepover with twin cousins, Mia and Zoe!!! 
 Way to go Kinvara Irish quilting connection...Thank you Accuquilt kitty die for your help.

And Muggs has two quilts for her beach house...busy Muggs.
Friends and family are quilting away...yeah!!
Things with my darling are grim today.  His two sisters are here from Ireland and his brother Brendan from Florida..They had a great visit with Himself last night...
Then the night happened.  I was up twice with him last night moving his legs and giving doses of Morphine and Ativan..once at 2 am and once at 5..In between, of course at 4, Lynsey had a nightmare and was up at 4..and so it goes.
Today is so grim..
The energy it is taking his muscle deprived body to just taking its toll.
  It is making him sweat like he is running a marathon...It is making him hallucinate and sleep all day.  He can nod an answer with his mask on.  He can no longer talk or write...and of course he can no longer play the piano, give his wife a hug, play sports, mow the grass, do his woodworking, do homework with the grands, read a book, do his family tree things, read Irish literature, visit with friends, receive emails...etc etc...
Oh, and did I tell you he cannot breathe...well.
Oh, my love...who would ever have guessed that this was down the pike for you.


Alcea Rosea 31 said...


ES said...

(((hugs))) xxx

smazoochie said...

It is so tragic how your dear is trapped & betrayed by his body. And so very tragic for you & all who love him to have to helplessly watch.
So heartening that family & friends surround you with love.

Bridget said...

Keep those family and friends close. They can help weather the storm.

earthwalker quilts said...

None of us knows what's down the track. Mr O'Quilts is in the best place he can be, getting the best care he can get, surrounded by family and life. My thoughts are with you and yours. Take care.

Your quilts for Tori and Dolly are brilliant. I just read Andrea and Tori's story. That small person is just a delight. Such beautiful eyes, such an old soul.

Courtney said...

Sending you lots of love