Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Like a Feather in the Wind

The O'Quilts have weathered a storm..an electrical storm, that is.
Part one...the ice storm..survived with electricity..
Part two...tomorrow black ice and snow.
Part three..single digit temperatures Thursday and Friday with nothing above freezing until Sunday.
Part four...the scariest...NO school..probably all week. OMG

The Hospice nurse came out tonight.  While she and my sister were discussing the latest developments with Himself, I stepped into my sewing room in despair.
 This weak wife did not want to cry...so I thought of Cotton and Steel.
At first I wanted this quilt to be blues and golds......
But, then these showed up...unexpected...like life...a few brights..
Life is so fleeting, I decided to include them, even though it was not my original intention...after all, they too  are Cotton and Steel.
I am trying to grasp the feather and I am trying to grasp the wind.
Accepting life on life's terms is just so difficult.
Tonight, I realized that Mr.O'Quilts is not leaning to the side due to a defective mattress.
He is leaning because of a defective body.
His core muscles have further deteriorated.
Now, because of his failing, inert body, he has the beginning of a bed sore.
Dead weight that he is, it is almost impossible to turn him...He really needs two people here
at all turning times..not possible to do that and still keep him at home.
Most folks choose independence over safety. We chose it too.
My grasp is slipping.  I can barely hold what I know to be true.
Each new level brings more grief.
I am so so grateful for those who shore me up, not letting me fall too.
Tonight it is especially my sister, Cotton and Steel.


smazoochie said...

No words, hon, just sending you love.

Joanie's Trendy Quilts said...

I am grateful you have cotton and steel during this part of life's journey. It is a rough terrain you have been traveling on. On my heart and in my thoughts.

ES said...

I'm glad the electricity didn't fail you, in fact I'm utey relieved about it. I'm sure your husband prefers to be at home and I'm glad that in this moment you can have him at home. Pour out your heart to us, we're all here to listen/read. Grit your teeth and plod on, sew a bit and get the tv on for the kids! Mine live to make camps and tents and cubby houses - all they need is pillows and blankets! X

Alcea Rosea 31 said...


Courtney said...

I feel your pain with the no school portion, agh! Lots of wine and chocolate is in order. The rest of your pain in unimaginable and I feel deeply for you. As soon as I saw your pastel blocks I thought "steel magnolias." You wrote about the Phoenix a few posts ago, I think your time in charlotte proves you to be a steel magnolia. Stay warm and here's hoping the power stays on. My husband works at duke and they had 4800 linemen out yesterday and are at the ready for the next few days, let's hope we don't need them!

Bridget said...

I thought about you and the possibility of no electricity. So glad it is still there, as are your friends and family. You are Cotton and Steel.

catspec said...

Oh I love your brights and your quilt! Hope you get through the winter - losing power and having such bad weather is awful. This has been a pretty hard winter...looking forward to Spring!! You are a trooper!

Rachaeldaisy said...

Sending you strength to keep weathering the storm. Hugs!!

earthwalker quilts said...

See if you can lay your hands on a sheepskin for that fella of yours....he's best at home and skins prevent sores.

Nothing wrong with letting the small people huddle up with popcorn and some DVD's or some board games.....will keep them busy for a bit...

I have no words that will ease your heart...but know we are thinking of you and yours.....love, light and peace from the land of Aus.