Monday, February 2, 2015


A good day here...lunch out and......
From Guadalupita, New Mexico and Bridget at the Nickel and Dime Ranch
came treats galore today!!  OMG
 I cannot  wait to start a Madonna quilt...there are several in the package to compliment the ones I have.
So excited.  Lordy, let me live long enough to make the quilts I adore.
Thank you Bridget for the fun!!!
 I might have known that something wonderful would come from a place called Guadalupita!!!!
 And of course from Ms Pearl at the Nickel and Dime Ranch..
And the great quilt card...

I have finished a bit of applique for Tori's quilt...bad applique..but hopefully, the free motion will cover the mistakes.
 I love this product.  I never used to use paper on the back of applique because it was so hard to remove...but the sink for a few minutes..easy peasy!!
 My darling man is sleeping all day today. My guess is that the10 minute outing yesterday wiped him out.
I know he will say that it was well worth it. Also, he has a bad rash on his face from using the breathing mask that keeps him alive...
The Hospice nurse came today with a supervising Hospice nurse..quality control...Of course she gave me a big hug as she used to be one of my mother's Hospice nurses 9 months ago.
.One more trigger...hard to wrap  my mind around.
We had to let go of one of our PRN caregivers...she was totally awful...hard to have new folks in and out.
Our Stephanie insists that she is here for the long
Pizza Monday at Harris Teeter tonight...just love easy!!!!


ES said...

This might make you laugh, I have been googling wash away foundation paper and appliqueing, quite an interesting technique! Something new for me to 'take in' and think about! Then I googled Harris Teeter! Such a funny name! I think shops have very weird names sometimes and when you grow up with them you do not notice, then when we moved to Australia from the UK, 6 years ago it was such a job to try and learn all the names of shops and what they all sell! I am still learning now!

An easy dinner is always good, cutting yourself some slack is also always good :) there is a time and place for home cooked meals and also a time and place for quick and easy meals too!

Alcea Rosea 31 said...

What lovely fabrics, I haven't tried appliqué yet, it's on my todo list. I did buy some freezer paper but have only used it in the freezer!!!