Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Weekender stress is deflected here as I anguish over using this fabric as a binding.  Out of my entire stash, I find it perfect for what I want.  Then, as I started to cut, I realized that it was Cotton and Steel.
 Oh, no I cannot use this, I need it for the other quilt...oh, no what to do..What to do???
The Mr. whispered that I should use it cuz life was short..and my favorite Goodwill would get it.Grrr..
So I cut it..with great remorse...
Only to find out that there was enough left over for a block for my other quilt after all.
 Nuts..plain nuts to love fabric so much

Muggs has a beach house...look at the Beach ball quilt she just finished...
Backing...a duvet cover on sale at IKEA!
 Isn't our Muggs just so very clever!!!
Last night was awful again...Really, I must say that I prefer the merry-go-round to the roller coaster!!!
The caregiver found blood and small blood clots in the catheter bag and tube.
.OMG..Hospice nurse came right out to the house.
He was OK..just a Wayfarin problem..blood thinner etc...
Well, it might be OK for the Hospice nurse, but it triggered my emotional rollar coaster.Again!!
 .And, we are on a family walk to the house being renovated next door.
 Can you believe it???????????
Not only 24 hours later, he is able to get up and go for a ride.
  I am on a ride, alright!!..and not a nice one...
Could someone fix it all please!!!
The O'Sisters arrive Wednesday from Ireland...My man is oh, so loved.
 It helps so much to have family visit.
Some friends are coming tomorrow night for a 10 minute visit.
Thank  you all for listening...When I look at this picture, I realize that life is still good after all.
Earthwalker and Lively Monkey  I do not have your email addresses.  Send me an email so we can chat a bit:)
xxoo to all.


smazoochie said...

What a wonderful moment to cherish, the O'Crew out for a walk. Try to make time for deep, cleansing breathing. You ARE on a roller coaster. Love & caring surround you, try to make time to calm & center yourself.
Big Kiss.

Rachaeldaisy said...

Oh I love that photo of you all going for a walk. You're definitely on a roller coaster, but youre not alone. I find it hard to use favourite fabrics as bindings too, but sometimes they're just the right choice. How perfect there was enough leftover.

Courtney said...

I completely understand and share your fabric craziness! So glad there was enough left for a block! I was going to send you a bit if not, as I have a FQ, so let me know if you need more. I bet it makes great binding. Can't wait to see it!
Mr. O looks great in the photo, covered in quilts and surrounded by love and joy. Thinking of you all often! Xo

Karaquilts said...

Oh, how dear you all are! I look at the photo of your walk and realize that you and Mr. O are showing those precious children how to live. An end is out there for all of us, but you ARE living and demonstrating it with grace and strength and love.

And about fabric. I just used a 2-yard piece I have saved and saved and saved. Then felt so bad I did an internet search to find more. They have 9 yards available. How much should I buy???? How I love fabric.

Alcea Rosea 31 said...

So pleased there are positive times for all the family.
I hoard precious pieces but it would be better to use them.
I do take them out for a gentle stroking!!!
Your fabric will make a lovely binding. I love Mr O's quilt.