Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Tori's Quilts

Another finish...so exciting.. These quilts are for baby Tori and her dolly.
Because my children were difficult adoptions, adoption has such a soft  place in my heart.. Every time I hear a friend has adopted...I get my quilting on!! I was so excited to post these quilts that I did not bother to do the snipping nor the washing..I see that the color is not true either, though they are pale.
I decided that using my Cotton and Steel for these bindings was totally appropriate. 
 Tori is a fighter...She is Cotton and Steel too and so is her mother.
Check this out..

Miss Tori Runyon
Baby Tori is One Month Old!
Thank you to everyone for your love and support. Tori and I feel so blessed to have you all in our lives. Life in the NICU can be challenging, but it brings us so much comfort to know that we are so well cared for at home!  Tori is gaining weight and growing!  She is bottle feeding and may be home sooner than expected. She is up to 3lbs 15oz and 15.5 in long.  You can read more about our journey by clicking on link below
Thank you again for everything...We can't wait to get home!!!
My man has been sleeping all day long. I miss him so much, yet he is still here.
Caregivers massage his dead muscles so that they do not curl up with pain.
Last night 5 of his friends came for 40 minutes.  They talked amongst themselves so  Mr.O'Quilts did not have to exert his dwindling voice box and energy. 
 The visit was a great success.
They said that they will come back in two weeks.  Something to look forward to.
And, too..the visit of the O'Sisters and Brendan tomorrow.


Karen E said...

LOVE those sweet quilts!! What a wonderful gift you have made for a special little girl and her mom. Hope to see you soon. Hugs - Karen E.

Courtney said...

The quilts are both beautiful!! And how cute is that sweet little Tori?! What a kind and generous thing to do for hem amidst everything you have going on!

smazoochie said...

What a dear lucky baby -- a new Mom, a new quilt, a new quilt for her doll -- surrounded by love.
I've not been in the place you are, but I imagine that giving to others is a good way to ease the horrible pain.
Love to you & yours.

Rachaeldaisy said...

You are such a doll to make a quilt for Tori's doll too. That is such a sweet idea. They are the prettiest quilts and yes the binding looks just right!! And how cute is Tori, such beautiful big eyes.
It's good to hear of happy visits and more visitors on their way.

Alcea Rosea 31 said...

Those quilts are so cute. She is a little treasure. Good luck to new mum and baby. Life changing but so worth it.
Enjoy your visitors and take care of you.
It is important to recharge your batteries when you can.