Thursday, April 2, 2015

Our ongoing saga.....with not a quilt in sight!!!

Yesterday..Here is my darling....outside in the Carolina blue with balmy weather..What can be better than that??
Last year the Mecklenburg Audobon society brought out a Nuthatch house and put it up for Himself. 
Yesterday we saw a bird there. 
 My dear man was able to go down into the back deck..due to friends building the ramp.
  He tried to use the binoculars.  But, he could not hold them.  
His left hand is completely paralyzed and the right hand has become in about 75% paralyzed.
  It was a very sad moment. 
 I tried to help him, but I could not...
Call in now to the society to see if a volunteer could help with a different kind of binocular that maybe could attach to his head or be free-standing..Also need help from them putting up our bluebird house.
So excited to see this blog. I like all of her work.Quilted Under the Influence 
And... Diane is back..still feisty despite her MS..,Persnickety Quilts
The wonderful Angel Ava gift....
 Ava looked at a pix of Mr O'Quilts on my blog.
She noticed that his hair had not been cut in forever, that his beard and mustache were looking a bit woodsy.
She told me that she knew a hairdresser who would come to cut it free.
She did and he was delighted.  Then she to us...she paid!!!  OMG
Ava  How nice was that???  !!!!

Remember Ava used to be my mother's nurse..for years and years.
 That is how she is now our angel...sent by my mother, says Ava!!!!
Tonight's group brought Marie's bday on April Fool's day...Ha!!  Too bad the pix are wrong.
The laughter however, was awesome!!!
Today's update....Is it fatigue from yesterday's outing outside in his chair...or
Is it disease progression???
Today my dear man slept all day long.  In fact he slept so hard without moving his head that we had to see if he was still breathing....several times.
Thank you all so much for being our friends!


Michele Bilyeu said...

No matter the challenges or the disappointments, knowing how hard you all worked to create this beauty for him is what means the most..especially to your mister. A wonderful photo of that good day. I'm sure it did tire him out, but it was also so worth it that you engineered this all!! Hugs and Easter Blessings of all kinds.

smazoochie said...

Dear heart, cherish the sweet moments, the angels & birds that surround you in your beautiful Carolina woods.

Karaquilts said...

You and your household remind me of a motivation speaker I heard/saw once a lot of years ago. A quadriplegic 40-something-ish gentleman entered the platform on a ramp with a jump at the end ~ ~ an amazingly impressive thing to watch ~ ~ and then proceeded to talk about all of the things he is able to do. He refused to allow himself to think of the things he couldn't do, only of the things he was able to do. And that seems to be exactly what you and your dear man are doing over and over again. I so admire you both. What an inspiration you are to us. big hug and wish you some surprise Easter blessings!

Alcea Rosea 31 said...

Being outside, I hope, gives your Dear Man a joyous change in the necessary routine of daily life.
I hope you have a blessed Easter. I'm off to visit my aged Dad and will be offline.for a week.