Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Visitor

Today I had a visitor..I could not get rid of her. 
 Her name was Poor Pitiful Pearl!!
She would not stop talking...blah blah blah...She was a broken record...on and on...
She had a dead mother, a dying husband, a son doing wrong things, grandchildren who were noisy, bad joint aches...etc..on and on she went, the same old thing over and over. 
 Finally I was just rude and I left and went to the pool to exercise.
When I came home, she was still there.  Ugh!!

I told her to get lost and leave me alone.  She would not.
So, I made this applique from Fresh Quilts.
 Pearl just faded away..
  I looked outside and the Dogwood was blooming and the Wisteria was out.
Lime green new leaves were on the trees...stunning.
Lynsey and Dylan spent all day yesterday playing outside.
They made a fort with a carport for the bikes.
 And, instead of a watch dog..they had a watch reindeer!
My man is somewhat stable in his condition...but, last night he was exhausted and all ready for bed when he made me take off his breathing mask and get out the ABC board..
 I wondered what worry the man had, when he whispered that he was worried about me..
.He thought I was not exercising enough and eating too much junk. 
OMG, really???
.But, that is just like Himself...always thinking of others.


Rachaeldaisy said...

If only sewing was classified as exercise. I had a friend who put her ironing board at the other end of her house so she would get the exercise walking to and from it. It's great you go to the pool though. I hope Pearl quiets down and leaves you be. Hugs to you all.

smazoochie said...

You be nice to Pearl. She's not a bad sort, just dealing with a lot & sometimes gets overwhelmed. And -- she's a smart cookie for marrying such a smart & sweet man who is always looking out for her.
More Texas hugs sent your way.

Alcea Rosea 31 said...

Poor Pearl, she needs help, not criticism. Your Easter looked lovely. We finally have sunny days, on holiday as well, bliss.

Mary said...

I am so impressed with how you handle all that's on your plate. Keep on keeping on.

Sharon said...

I know about that Pearl. She hangs out here sometimes too. Glad you got her to leave you alone for awhile so that you can appreciate all that you have! And what a sweet hubby to worry about you!

earthwalker quilts said...

That Pearl sure gets around. Even down here in Aus! Love your pics, we are having a wet and dismal start to Autumn (need every drop of rain though).

You are doing so well, but be kind to yourself...munch on some veggie sticks to keep your fella happy. Love, light and peace from the land of Aus.