Thursday, August 6, 2015

Riding the Crest

For the love of sewing together!!!!
 Auditioning border fabric for Muggs' boat quilt...sunshine and fun...
Evidently it is not  just what Muggs likes..hmmm
Last night at IQ quilting, 11 women had 11 different choices for border...OMG
Drove me to vino tinto!!! and great laughter amongst us.
Is this OK...or do I need to present more choices, said the eager beaver boat maker??

I found some cool batik fish for the back at (or border??)
Coming soon....Thank you Cousin Ann...Love you!
Indian Batik Sandy Hook Fish Royal

I have had three good days...all sustained by 3 support groups, 2 widow groups,
 7 widow books, 3 quilting groups......
Lunch with friends, my sister, my daughter, friends and my grandchildren.
 And, back to the pool and online fabric stores....said the fabric hoarder.
And Stephanie, our nanny:)

There is a lot of anger in grief...snippy, snotty me sometimes...
People who love me, just pick me up, brush me off and love me anyway.
So grateful.


Unknown said...

Love you Diane! Through it all! You are a great lady. ūüíč

Michele Bilyeu said...

There are days when it takes an army and a village and days when no one agrees on anything except that we are all different and all love and support one another...especially you!!!!!!

My friend with ALS passed away last week. She got 8 months after diagnosis. Not sure if that is good or bad at this point. But the grieving part is tgevputs that's for sure. Hugs hugs hugs