Friday, August 21, 2015

The Generational Room for Lynsey

Lynsey is getting her first room of her own....ever.....
 Uncle Brian and Aunt Emily painted it her favorite color, purple.  Family pass downs galore.
The cat hanger on the wall is from Aunt Emily's childhood;
 the needlepoint chair from Great-grandma.
The side table from her father's childhood room..
Dolly bed from Aunt Brandy.
Quilt 16 patch stitched by yours truly of some Liberty prints
 brought by Cousin Ann from London.
Even Anna Marie Horner visited with the bird fabric above the bed.
 Her baby quilt made by Grandma here..
 My bean lamp from wine jug of my hippie years, still bug free.
Check out the bottles of "spider spray" to be sure nary a spider 
reaches her new pony sheets.
Thanks to Aunt Emily and her essential oils..
Great-great Grandma's chest of drawers with the quilt basket hanging
 made by Aunt Charmaine years ago.
Book cases from Great-Grandma's place.
 Uncle Brian helps Evan assemble the IKEA bed for sister Lynsey.
Small joys making a big impact; family working together to make it happen.


Karen E said...

Such a sweet room! Love the kitty on the wall and the 16 patch quilt.

livelymonkey said...

This is so adorable. Any little girl would live it as I'm sure Lynsey will. Pays to keep everything!!

livelymonkey said...

LOVE it!!!

smazoochie said...

Her very own room! It is so very sweet & she is surrounded by the love of her family.

Courtney said...

I'm so happy she has a little space of her own! She must be thrilled. It all beautiful and full of meaning, but, gosh, that 16 patch, wow!

Karaquilts said...

It feels like a celebration of love!! So many special touches in every corner. And her personality will burst forth within it and add even more flavor to the space What a wonderful gift of togetherness and family.

Rachaeldaisy said...

How special for Lynsey to have her own first room ever. The Lynsey quilt is so pretty, such a beautiful baby quilt.