Sunday, August 23, 2015

The Good Stuff

I have eaten my way through ALS for 22 months, and I was not even the patient.  M&Ms are now gone from the stash and Oreos are no more.
It is a small step toward recovery.
This weekend brought 14 hours of sleeping since my somewhat saintly sister took the two smallest grands for the night...Evan, my dear is no trouble at all..In fact on Saturday, he scrambled eggs by himself for the family and got his siblings all tied and ready 
for Karate graduation...A huge help!!
As for Karate..a new baby is coming for the teacher in November.
Head start here with the top finished.
I love all the fabrics and am pleased with new Isabella's quilt top.
 Lynsey and Evan start school tomorrow.  
With Lynsey asleep, I decided to teach Evan Canasta.
My grandmother taught me the game so she could have someone to play
Guess I have inherited that one...
Since he is so good in math...he had that score all in his head as we played.
At the end, he already knew he had trounced his old grandma.
He even made himself some tea with milk like he used to make for Granddaddy!!
Kindergarten starts Tuesday, then all will be in school.
Really, my wonderful bed is on my gratitude list!


Gisela Suski said...

I love canasta, miss playing it. Our newspaper had a 3 large page article of my friend Dr. Tom (child dr) with ALS. Only thing function is his thumb. Dr. Tom is fortunate he was currently moved to a facility; fortunate yes and no.

My Sister Made Me Do It.... said...

I haven't played Canasta in years! When I was in the hospital at age sweet Mom spent days playing canasta with me. She is 94 now and I have thought about asking her to play with me are keeping busy and the quilt is lovely. I am glad to hear you are sleeping again.....your family is indeed a blessing...

smazoochie said...

"Normal" has changed so much at the O'Quilts' over the years.
This latest Normal seems to be settling in around you all.
Sending hugs.

Rachaeldaisy said...

Good luck not eating chocolate. I gave up things like that at the beginning of the year and trust me it might be hard but you'll feel much better for it. Your design wall is a picture of lovliness.