Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pink and Yellow Forties Fan

This fan quilt has a story. I was giving a talk in Concord some years ago when I dropped into an antique store and found this quilt. My husband and daughter had been talking about going to Riverdance and wanted me to go, but I didn't want to spend the $67 for my ticket. I saw this quilt and decided to buy it if they would sell it for $67! They of course said no, but at my insisting, called the owner who said YES!!! So, my priorities in order.....I stayed home from Riverdance and hung my new quilt on the wall. Later, I decided to mend a small tear. As I was doing that, I noticed an unusual batting. On further notice, I saw that this quilt was batted with a sort of fluffy pollen that comes down from a very large tree here in the Carolina's in the spring. On researching that tree, I have found that it is the Southern Cottonwood tree, also known as the Carolina Poplar. Most unusual and very enjoyable.

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