Thursday, November 4, 2010

A little bite of nothing was so much fun

I was going to take a nap today, but I so got into this fun that it didn't happen and now it is 5 o'clock. Going into my bits and pieces last night, I found this orphan block left over from my Grandmother's embroidery. She made these cats from Better Homes and Gardens magazine in the 1970's. I made a quilt from them and this one was left over. After a few years I decided to paint it orange with a Marvy marker. I totally hated it and yet couldn't throw it away cause Grandma embroidered it. You can see that I keep things forever. But, now I see that I no longer have forever. So, I made another block medallion quilt and appliqued a fish in the mouth...It was so much fun that I was driven to enjoy and finished it right now.

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Em said...

Now that is a funny quilt! My mom gave me the BLAH BLAH fabric and I think it is marvellous in this cheeky's as though the cat is saying to the fish....blah blah blah! Love it!!!