Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My orange collection

The story....I had planned to go to Mardelle's quilting party at the beach one year..all paid for and ready to go. Then the day before departure, I injured my back lifting my mother's wheelchair. In bed I was and the show went on without me. Well, in preparation for this workshop, I had made about 100 scrap four patch blocks. I had planned to take Patti Cline's class called "Take Two Aspirin". I like to get things ready ahead of time and had made so many blocks so I would have variety to choose from. Instead, I was taking more than two aspirin, in bed in pain and was left with 100 scrap blocks. Once well, I decided to challenge myself with orange....hence, my orange collection called Orange quilt I, Orange quilt II, etc. The four quilts I made are below.

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