Monday, November 2, 2009

Our bedroom, full of quilts

The story. First of all our bed. When we lived in Miami, we bought a new house with a rotten bathroom. The seller gave us money back to fix it, and we commissioned a friend to design and make this bed for us from solid Mahogany instead of fixing the bathroom..As usual, priorities are right in our household! Then, the wall quilt. When I was travelling to NYC, I was enthralled by a store called American Hurrah. On the wall there was a red and white house quilt which I photographed. My husband used graph paper and charted out this house quilt which I copied onto cardboard using carbon paper. I cut out the templates and drew around them on the fabric of the times and made the houses. I decided that the quilt needed stars, so I added them in the border. (no rotary cutters then) That was in 1982. Several years ago at the Charlotte Guild, there was a challenge to each of us to finish a then, out came the house block top. I basted it and machine quilted it and won the oldest UFO challenge of 25 some years undone!!! So never say never. Then there is the bed quilt. I just love the green and pink reproduction fabric so I made a log cabin top to replace the one I made when my husband and I got married in 1980. It faded in the Florida sun. This quilt turned out sooooo big that I certainly did not feel like quilting it. And then came Terri!!!! She was so nice to use it to practice on her new and awesome longarm machine. Thank you is perfect!!!

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Taryn said...

So, you actually visited America Hurrah. Lucky you. I am trying to track down the old owners. There is a quilt in the old Quilt Engagement Calendars that I want more information on. Let me know if you have any connections.