Saturday, August 21, 2010

Fabric Postcards

So, Charlotte sent me a thank you note on a fabric postcard and it was beautiful. She used selvedges and pretty scraps. It got my mind a thinking....and I decided to do the same. I cut some Timtex to size of the old postcards that I found in a drawer in my desk. Then I sewed scraps to the Timtex and embellished them with different thread designs with my machine. I zigzagged the edge, did a bit of fray check and then glued the Timtex to the postcard...Voila...two are already in the mail as thank you cards!!!! Thank YOU, Charlotte.

Well....This did not work as well as I had planned. I had to stitch thru the postcard at the end because the glue didnt work. So I googled ATC (artist trading cards)/postcards and found this link: The real way to do it next time....have fun!

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