Saturday, August 28, 2010

Pocket Tissue Holder

So Terri showed up at the quilting group with a present for me and a present for my beautiful daughter who is moving in a few days to Birmingham, England. She gave no lecture on how I would be fine, nor one on how wonderful it was for Emily. Instead, the knowing mother brought a homemade tissue holder and tissues for my parting tears. She also brought a matching fabric envelope with a picture of my husband and myself for Emily. Thank you clever and very very thoughtful!! Once I had recovered from the gift, my mind went clicking I googled the tutorial and found it at

So much fun I had tonight while my husband was off at his tennis tournament!!! In just one or two hours, I cranked out 6 of these to put away for the holidays. The pocket tissues are 3 for a dollar at Walmart.

Thank you Terri....thank you Terri...thank you Terri...hugs...

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Ivory Spring said...


Those tissue covers are so cute!