Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I left my camera in the rain when I was taking pictures of my grandson in the garden. Soo very sad and dumb. Just bought a new one an hour ago and am eager to post my WIP's!

I can see that WIP's are not as nice as the finished thing, but people seem to want to see the process. The green in this "X" block is about 30 years old and I wanted to use it up. Perfect with all these scraps from my stash. But, then it looked so flat and uninteresting that I had to cut from some of my favorite yellows to cheer it up. Initially, my old feelings of hoarding arose...but the new me used them anyway and this quilt perked right up. Will quilt it soon and then post it finished. I think that this is one of my favorite relaxing, easy quilts to make.

Nicola's wedding quilt using disappearing nine-patch on the design wall. Still thinking on how to arrange it all.

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