Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pink four patch quilt top finished.

Top finished, though after talking with Picasso, he mentioned that my rose period is absolutely over!  This is no masterpiece, but it is an exercise in using up what you have and working with scraps of a palate that is not your favorite.  I just want to share a bit about some of the fabric.  The red and white polka-dots for the inner border are from a fat quarter of Olivia that I have had awhile.  The final border is from a piece of fabric I bought 6 years or so ago in Asheville, NC.  My husband was there for a tennis tournament and my joy was to be fabric shopping.  When I got to this one shop, the electricity was out, but the shop was open.  After many apologies, I insisted that I did not drive all this way not to fabric shop and did they have a flashlight!!  Lo and behold, they produced one and I went happily through the store.  I remember every single piece of fabric I bought that day....and at a nice discount too:)  Now who would go fabric shopping with a flashlight??  ha!  I chose this batik for the border because it had an airy look to it.  I wanted to pick up the rose from the centers of the four patches, but the same fabric was too heavy.  This border fabric not only had white in it, but was dispersed with blue tints to pick up the different hues in the quilt.  Staying with the same color scheme was part of my challenge, though it was annoying at times.  Once quilted and bound, a whole other dimension should appear.  But right now I am sick of it, so on to something else! you think this is a calm quilt?

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Sunna Reyr said...

Mmmmmmmmmmmmm, no. But I love it