Saturday, May 14, 2011

Frogs on the porch door

I have the most wonderful husband ever.  Had him for almost 31 years and it is better every day.  Now, you may think you have the best, but you would be wrong!!  Lucky me.  Every birthday of mine in December and every Mother's Day, I get the same present...fat quarters.  They are wrapped like a surprise ball with a favorite one in the middle and the others wrapped around it individually with a ribbon.  My grandson says that Granddaddy is a magician!!  It is great fun.  When I know one of these occasions is nearing, I make a comment like..."I really think that Walmart fabric is poor quality" etc.  I have even asked him not to buy fabric at Walmart, mentioning the other quilting stores around.  But, my husband believes that it is the thought in a present that counts and he never ever tells me where he buys the fabric...ever.  He ususally does NOT buy Walmart, but on occasion there is a lapse in I say nothing now and just enjoy.  The panel in the below quilt comes from Walmart.  I just know it. It is the quality, etc.  But, when I was cleaning up, I noticed how cute it was and told my husband. " Of course it is cute, why would I buy anything but cute fabric", says he!!   I was sick of folding fabric so I made this cuddle quilt.  I used the panel in the middle, and wrapped it in borders medallion style.  I wiggle stitched it and self-bound it and it was done in 2 hours or less.

Thank you honey!

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