Monday, May 23, 2011

Pink process number 3

Here are the blocks sewn to the checked lattice on the ironing board.  I decided to stay with the pink for two reasons.  First, I believe that value is more important than color.  Second, I am trying to stay away from the bright, bold colors that I love, to show myself that I can do all colors!!  Pay attention self!!
 Chain piecing goes so quickly, here we go with the slice and bake thing.

The blocks below are just up on the design wall for a bit for the post.  They will probably be put now with other WIP's since life is calling.  They will for sure not be set this way, but with another lattice of some sort...My mind will be thinking as I sleep!  But, so far, plain 4 patch is not so plain any more.  How versatile it is....

 Here is a picture of the back with all the seams pressed the correct way.  That makes piecing a piece of cake!
 I love to press with steam, but because I have to have an iron that shuts off automatically lest I burn the house down while seeing clients, I use this pad from Walmart. Under $4, it is a steal.

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