Sunday, August 19, 2012

Rain, glorious rain in Charlotte

It is raining today.  I would show you how happy my cucumber plants are, but they were too ashamed.   My husband is Skyping his brother in Ireland and I am trying to just chill.  The quilt that Zoey is sitting on, on the porch has as its filler our wedding quilt.  In 1980 when we got married, I made a log cabin quilt in Irish colors and embroidered our names and birth dates and birth places and eventually the names and birth dates of our children.  We used it so much, and with the exposure to the Miami sun/light, it became so faded, that I covered it with this quilt top.  Now the "treasure" is on the porch with Zoey.  I cannot throw away anything.
 The aluminum platter and pitcher is from my grandmother.  She could never throw away anything either...lucky me.  There were Hydrangeas in this pot as well with the herbs and Coleus.  I knew I could root Basil and Coleus, but was so very surprised to see that the Rosemary rooted as well...great to know as Rosemary grows year round here in Charlotte.
 I have vowed to "take it easy" today.  I have had a rough two days and Mr. O'Quilts and others have said it is because I am doing too much.  That sneaky drive on Thursday to see my mother did me in, as well as using the design wall.  So when my sister brought me these pre-cuts yesterday, I decided that if I must sew, which I must, it will just be sewing and not thinking.


smazoochie said...

Oh my! I have been discovering all that aluminum at my Mom's house too! And some of it is finding its way back to my house. ;-)
I like Zoey's glowing heart in the second picture!

Melissa said...

I am loving the rainy day, too! I think your quilt looks great and it is awesome that the inside is your wedding quilt. Zoey is so beautiful. I hope you have a good day of resting and sewing!

Courtney Lyons said...

So nice to have a rainy day! I love your porch and your dog! Tahe it easy!

Gina said...

How wonderful to have your wedding quilt still in use; great idea to cover it and continue its use! Goodtip to know I can try rooting rosemary, thanks!