Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Season begins....full throttle ahead!!

The last of the Sage bush and Carolina blue..............
 Picking the Sage for the turkey dressing...ala...Susan Branch...maybe I am a Susan Branch wannabee?
 The Sage flowers for the Turkey bowl....
 Washing the Sage, picking the cutest leaves...
 All dry the leaves , single layer...2 min at 30 sec intervals...crumble in your hand...put in airtight something...If this was on your blog, let me know so I can give you certainly was not an O'Quilts original!!
The above leaves had to be discarded.  They burned because I did not let them dry completely and I did not put them in the microwave single layer.  I finally got it...c below:)

 Oven mitt finished for the potholder swap....thank u .Denyse Schmidt for the free pattern!!.

I just made a second one.  The first had a layer of Insule-brite and one layer of batting.  I felt that I preferred it softer so I made the second one with only one layer of Insule-brite...It was much easier to turn and finish.
 I figured that it was time to bring out all my Christmas fabric.  Afraid that some of them look old, dull and boring...hmmmmm

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