Friday, November 9, 2012

Some of My Favorite Things..

Since I have been bragging to myself on using my favorite fabrics, might as well brag out is more fun.  I have decided to use the Nicey Jane fabric below on my Sunshine on a Cloudy Day....When this fabric first came out, Heather Bailey made a small UTube to announce it...Nicey Jane by Heather Bailey.  Not only did I love the fabric...holding it to my heart and buying too much of it, but I loved the cute little video clip with the catchy music and the fabric...check it out..
 Next up is the finished Indian Hatchet stroller quilt...
 I was going to do a quick quilting job here until Dora commented that it would be fun one to quilt.  Now she not only does amazing quilting..but she does it on a treadle am awful at freemotion quilting...I did think I would try something new since this quilt was so small...I am delighted with the results.  Also...yeah me...used this cute backing I had been hoarding for awhile:)  I quilted this at our Sit and Sew yesterday...Alas, I had to cut my time short with the big bad CR (concussion recovery) relapse again.
 Rummaging around in a closet, I came upon this stamp basket quilt, which I remember hanging over the piano at our home wedding reception.  We got married in 1980 so I think that this pattern must have been in style in 1979.  I still have the stamps somewhere.  Hand quilted in the colors of the year and well worn as my children grew up.  Notice in the background my new bottle is a sucker from the old fallen one...lucky me..

PS  Pearlie...I want to thank you for the nice comment you left on my recycled bags, but I could not find an email for you....


smazoochie said...

Sorry abut the relapse, but they are less frequent, aren't they? Progress?
You are doing an excellent job of cranking out the quilts, using up stash. I heard a good lecture at the Quilt Festival: she said quilts from our stash are free quilts!
Sweet little baskets -- lots of those pinks look familiar.

Barb said...

I love the little basket quilt. I can't believe you made it pre 1980 it looks like new.
The indian hatchet is adorable!