Sunday, February 17, 2013

Carolina Blue

Less than 24 hours after our cool and awesome 2" inch snow storm, we have Carolina Blue skies and 40 degrees.  The front yard is melting fast.  But, lucky us...we live in the woods and the back  yard still is a wonderland.
 At a party last week, Mr.O'Quilts and I met the lovely young and beautiful S.  She works in the neonatal intensive care unit.  I asked her if she got any of the Guild quilts there...Oh, yes, she said...We just love them.     They give such a lift to not only the parents, but the staff too.  They put the quilts over the incubators of the premature babies, spreading cheer.   She told me that they do not let the parents take home the quilts because, they do not have enough!!!   Now that got me working.  Usually I send in one quilt a month for outreach...Now I will try for more.  This little quilt was nothing to make...a mere 32 x 37 inches made of scraps.  A three inch square sewn to a 3x6 inch rectangle...done in just a few hours.  I think that this is my favorite part of quilting...making someone else happy while I have fun!
Misc. pieces of stash flannel finished off the back...


Barb said...

how sweet of you! it is a darling quilt. I love the blues and greens.
pretty photo shoot!

Sharon said...

Hope you enjoyed your cool snow!

Love the little quilt! Cute pattern and so easy - you may have inspired me too. My guild makes quilts for critically ill children at a local facility, and this would be perfect.