Thursday, February 14, 2013

The two year finish(:

 I know that you all thought that I had finished this in 2010 when I posted the top...but oh, would have been wrong.  I finished it today....Our quilt show is coming up..they were short on quilts so in this one goes.  The quilt is tied and big stitched and of not sufficient stitching quality for a quilt show...However, I do love this quilt and feel like sharing it anyway.  I am glad that the upcoming show gave me the push that I needed to finally be done with it.  Looking forward to a cuddle with it in front of the fireplace after the show on March 9.
The back used the secondary HST's from the snowball corners!!  Yup frugal even before Lent:)

I visited my mother today.  I told her about my Lent more buying of new fabric.  She said...Oh, my Dear, that sounds sooo religious..!! 

 That mother of mine was resting in bed eating the rest of her lunch at 4 pm.  She had gone on the wheelchair bus to a fancy restaurant where she had ordered Eggs Benedict, Creme Brulee and a glass of French wine.  I was a bit taken back at this telling of the story.  But, she soon added that the French wine was not good and her caregiver said that she could send it back and not pay for it...TBTG.....Oh, Mother!!!


Heidi Staples said...

I love the flying geese on the back of that quilt!

smazoochie said...

Love the African fabrics! Excellent!

MulticoloredPieces said...

Hi, Diane. Cool quilts and what's 2 years in the bigger scheme of things? And your mom has a better social life than I do!
best, nadia