Thursday, January 29, 2015


Finally...a finish...So happy..This is rare at my house now-a-days..
 A gift of love...dropped on my porch with a cherry cake...made and gifted by Kathy.
One for my overwhelmed sister and one for her overwhelmed sister.
Thank you beautiful!!  They made us cry..we were so touched.
 Must I keep  looking at fabric sales when fabric is pouring out of my shelving already???
It is so calming to look at fabric sales online.
 Guilty me!!...but it is sooo soothing..Getting new little bits now and then..
Getting a laugh here...
 And having a bright day here....
Well,  Mother has passed, my husband has a terminal illness, I am 100 years,
why is it still so hard to use my favorite fabric..?
Eg..those lovely kangaroos that Beth sent me, or fabric I have saved forever..
On the pinwheel quilt just finished, the binding is about 20 years old and the new baby quilt I am starting has a background from Mae's discount fabric in Miami...even older!
.Something wrong here?...Is it really ok to pat it and love it and have a stash to admire in times of grief...
Or am I a total nut case...Do not answer this question, please....
My  Darling man is so stable that his stubbornness has returned...Ha!
  Of course, it is that very thing that  keeps him alive.
He is wearing his Trilogy 8 hours a night now!!! Yahoooo!
Now, he is refusing to wave to the camera to show the world how well he is doing.
But, then..maybe he just doesn't want to miss a shot of the latest tennis on TV.


Rachaeldaisy said...

Congratulations on a finish!! Yay for wonderful fabric that makes us laugh, and makes us a bit nutty. It's good to have some favourites to admire and pat.
It's great to hear Mr O has bounced back whilst watching the tennis. You all score points for surrounding him with love.

ES said...

I'm glad your husband is wearing his breathing machine and that its helping him feel better :) xx

Mary said...

I so happy your hubby feels good enough to enjoy tennis on tv and a finish is something to celebrate too!

smazoochie said...

There is nothing wrong with a stash of well-loved fabric nor with adding to that stash with new pleasing bits -- especially in time of need. There are some of us that see our stash as friendly reminders of past times. And it is always such a joy when a hoarded fabric sees a new addition & magic hqppens & they must be sewn up together.
I'm so glad Mr. O'Q feels good enough to be that stubborn dear you loved & married.
Hugs, honey.

beth said...

That blue jean fabric is great. Where did you find it??? And congratulations on finishing up a quilt. It's really lovely. We missed you at CMQG last night.