Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Way of the Day

 Today I took care of myself.  I really did...First stop...the pool for water exercises...seeing all my good pool friends gave me joy...Of course I returned the pants I stole from an unwitting newcomer..ha!!  She said I could keep them...hilarious..She said that she had to squeeze into my old ones...so I gave her a little present...one of the small zippy purses...She was happy..I was happy.
  I checked out her T-shirt..but I was not interested...ha ha..Don't I love my own jokes!!
Next stop, Hobby Lobby..for Quilty magazine with my 40% off coupon.  Hobby Lobby is the last store to allow coupons on magazines..as far as I know...and then...
Senior Day at the Goodwill:)  25% off..
Voila an African 100% cotton dress...(made in Pakistan????)
I could not wait to wash it and cut it up.  Then our CNA wanted it to wear...but, oh, no..selfish me would not part with fabric...a $2 bargain...my heart!!
                                              $1.50 for someone's old basket that I do not need.
 Next stop..an antique store...look at my treasure..a vintage candle holder..
I am looking for a re-purposing use in my sewing room...any suggestions??
 75% off of Christmas...an ornament..or a doll buggy for a dollhouse..Lynsey will be 6 soon!!
Lunch with a dear friend...and a nap..
A perfect day.  I decided not to feel guilty for my Dear Man, lying there paralyzed with his feeding tube.
He does not want me to hover, he has great care with his CNAs.
Katie's tutoring is helping Evan blossom!!
And a surprise present for my sister and I found on the porch from Kathy..feeling so loved.
I did not cry all day..
.My darling is back alive with pink cheeks watching the Australian Open with Evan on a stool beside him, while I cut a binding. 
We are together...
We are making the best of our situation.


Courtney said...

So glad to hear you had such a nice day today! May tomorrow be just as good : )

smazoochie said...

I am so warmed by your good day & glad you did not swipe your new friend's tshirt. (I laughed at you joke.)

livelymonkey said...

Sounds like a perfectly lovely day. I would have bought similar items, except that I "downsized" a few yrs. ago, and try to be prudent in that department. (Fabric, another story.)
Hope today is as nice whatever you do.

Rachaeldaisy said...

What a lovely day. Thrifty finds always make me smile. How funny you wore your friends pants and she had to wear yours. I bet you both giggle about that for a while.

Alcea Rosea 31 said...

Recharging your batteries when you can is very necessary. It gives you so much more to tell your man. It puts life into perspective and keeps you healthy.